Thursday, 1 December 2011

Examples of Horror Magazines


My first horror magazine in which I produced had four colours involved, red, black, white and yellow. I decided to play around with the colour schemes on photoshop as I thought that the yellow may be to bright and therefore take the audiences attention of the rest of the horror magazine front cover. 
Example Two

For my second example I decided to change the yellow font to the colour red to see if it then took the attention away from the yellow. I disliked this option as I thought there was to much red involved with the magazine front cover.
Example Three 

On my third example I decided to only change the symbols to the colour red and to keep the website and price yellow. However I still thought there was too much red included on the front cover of my magazine.
Example Four

As I thought that they may have been chunks of text on my front cover I decided to take some text off to see if it improved. After I done this I realised that the magazine front cover looked better with more text on, as it looked more detailed and it looked as though it would be a magazine that the audience would buy in a local store.

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