Monday, 5 December 2011

1st Draft of Horror Trailer Storyboard

This is 1st draft of our storyboard up to date. We will continue to change the storyboard as new ideas will be thought of during the process of filming.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Horror Poster & Production

Examples of my Horror Posters

Example One

In the production of my first horror poster I decied to keep the lower text grey instead of white, as I feel that the attention was taken from the photograph to the writing. The image is made darker in comparison to the next two horror posters as I want it to represent horror conventions. 

Example Two

On my second example I decided to change the writing to white to see if the look would improve. I feel that the writing looks better grey, as the white looks too bright, therefore stands out too much to the audience and takes away the attention from the other important aspects of the horror poster.

                                        Example Three

On my third example I decided to make the image brighter by using the brightness and contrast adjustments on Adobe Photoshop. In my opinion the image looks improved as the photograph is clearer, therefore grabs the audiences attention.

Examples of Horror Magazines


My first horror magazine in which I produced had four colours involved, red, black, white and yellow. I decided to play around with the colour schemes on photoshop as I thought that the yellow may be to bright and therefore take the audiences attention of the rest of the horror magazine front cover. 
Example Two

For my second example I decided to change the yellow font to the colour red to see if it then took the attention away from the yellow. I disliked this option as I thought there was to much red involved with the magazine front cover.
Example Three 

On my third example I decided to only change the symbols to the colour red and to keep the website and price yellow. However I still thought there was too much red included on the front cover of my magazine.
Example Four

As I thought that they may have been chunks of text on my front cover I decided to take some text off to see if it improved. After I done this I realised that the magazine front cover looked better with more text on, as it looked more detailed and it looked as though it would be a magazine that the audience would buy in a local store.