Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Roles & Responsibilities - RESEARCH & PLANNING

When filming our horror trailer we have to take on different roles.

I have made a draft of my roles and responsibilities in which I have to stick too in order to progress in my project.

What makes a good photograph? Ancillary - RESEARCH & PLANNING

Analysis of Past Students Ancillary Tasks - RESEARCH & PLANNING

I particularly like this poster because it gives the audience an view of the main character (killer) and also gives them establishing shot of where the film is set.
Typical red colours are used to denote danger/blood which connotes the genre of horror.
The film poster is representable in terms of ideology as I feel that you would see this poster advertised in cinemas. Aspects such as the age certification, website and the date make the film poster look realistic.
If I could pick up and criticism it would be to make the title of the film bigger so it fits to the end of the page and use the space in the top left hand corner.

This film poster is another in which I like. I like how the poster doesn’t give away the killers identity because of seeing the back of her. The font on the title ‘infliction’ stands out therefore highlights the name of the film and connotes blood/danger.
The date on the film poster is also highlighted compared to other normal horror posters where it can be small in one of the corners.
Just like the previous poster I feel that the horror magazine is ideological because of some aspects it includes E.G. the date, website, ages certification the cast members and producers.
If I could give any criticism it would be that the ‘15’ age certification has not been properly cut out.  

I have chosen this film magazine to analyse because I feel it stands out to the particular audience.
It has many ideological features including the magazine title, film title, barcode and even the 'win a giant poster' heading.
The image of the girl highlights the main character in the film which would attract the audience if she was a famous movie star. It looks like there has been much thought in the magazine as the stage make-up makes the character look more realistic.
If I could pick up on any negatives it would be the quality of the picture, I feel as though it could be clearer to make the magazine look more attractive. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Planning Locations

Tonight I visited certain locations to get ideas of where to shoot my horror trailer. I got a rough idea of some of the places I am going to use within my trailer.

Over the holidays I am going to take photographs of these locations and also search for more locations where I can shoot my horror trailer. 

This map shows the areas I visited whilst searching for places where I could film my trailer.
Me and my group have decided to use up to 10 different locations for filming the horror trailer as we feel this will be more affective on the ideology of the trailer.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Audience Questionnarie & Results - Horror Trailer. RESEARCH & PLANNING

I have produced this questionnaire to hand out to my target audience who are an age category of 15-30.

I will investigate the results and take into opinion my audiences ideas, as their involvment is one of the most important aspects of producing my horror trailer.

The target audience have taken part in my questionnarie and my results are as follows:

After conducting research I started looking for the main audience who visit the cinema. I found that the main cinema age is 15-25, this age range is within the boundaries of my target audience therefore I feel I have chosen an appropriate target audience.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A2 Task

This year for my A2 coursework I will be producing a moving image piece. For my moving image piece I will be working in a small group to produce a horror trailer.

The task involves filming the shots in which we are going to include in our trailer and editing them using iMovie. We must also work on an ancillary task in which we will have to make a film magazine front cover and a movie poster. 

In order to be successful in our A2 media practical work we must focus on:
  • The Plot
  • Characters
  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Lighting
  • Locations
  • Cinematography (camera angles and movements)
  • Editing
  • Sound
I have recently filmed a short chase scene in a small group to get to experiment with the camera and get to know exactly how to operate them.