Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A2 Media Studies Evaluation - TEXT VERSION

EVALUATION - How did you use media technologies in the construction,research, planning and evaluation stages?

PROMOTION: To ensure that my horror trailer could get as many views as it could, I have posted links on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook which are fantastic new technologies in which promote my project. I have also uploaded my project on YouTube where the world can view it publicly and share their thoughts by posting comments.

Twitter Snapshot

YouTube Snapshot 

EVALUATION - What have you learned from audience feedback?

What have you learned from audience feedback?
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Audience feedback plays a vital part in the construction of my A2 coursework. Here are some questionnaires in which influenced my decisions to change aspects of my horror trailer... 

Within my trailer I have used characters which are similar ages to my target audience. I feel this relates to McQuail, Bulmer and Katz’ theory of uses and gratifications. My audience will be looking at my media project with a sense of personal identity; therefore I feel having cast members which are a similar age to them could relate to problems which could happen in their lives. For example, the use of drugs in my horror trailer could stop young people of today from using drugs.

Today I received two emails informing me how popular my SlideShare page has become with the audience. I feel extremely happy that people around the world are downloading my slideshares and I hope that they can take something from them!

EVALUATION - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary task?

When producing my ancillary task I had to take into consider what my trailer would eventually look like in order for them to compare with each other. Because of this I had to make sure the make-up, costume and location looked exactly the same as it would in my horror trailer. Both of the tasks represent the horror genre therefore it is clear to understand what the genre is.
In reality, horror posters would be released before films therefore my ancillary task needs to be a device in which promotes my horror trailer. In order for my ancillary task to do this I made sure that it would compare with my eventual horror movie. It is vital that my horror movie is promoted to the target audience, therefore aspects of my tasks such as posters, magazine covers and the actual horror trailer play an extremely important part within my coursework production.
As well as relating to my moving image piece I feel my film magazine and horror poster both relate to each other. The title of the film is displayed throughout each of these tasks highlighting the continuity in my project. Many of the camera angles used in my horror trailer compare to some of the camera angles used within my ancillary tasks. For example, close up shots are used to connote emotion in my horror trailer and ancillary task. This represents continuity throughout all of my tasks, therefore combines my ancillary task with my moving image task.

EVALUATION - In what ways does your media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?