Thursday, 31 March 2011

Audience Research

To find out audiences opinions about my music magazine I am willing to visit Northumberland Street in Newcastle and target my questionnaires to a teenage audience. This will be a perfect opportunity as the audience my magazine is aimed at is of a teenage audience and a wide range of teenagers visit Newcastle on a weekend.

I have produced questionnaires asking about opinions on the:
  • Front Cover
  • Contents Page
  • Feature Article
I will take in their opinions and if they wish to change anything within my music magazine I will consider doing so to meet their expectations.

Feature Article Questionnaire

Contents Questionnaire

Front Cover Questionnaire

Producing my contents page

Monday, 28 March 2011

Producing my 3rd page of the article

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Producing my feature article

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
Many new artists are being introduced to the music industry over the past couple of years with only some triumphing in the charts. One of them who you may have noticed is a successful artist being the YouTube, teenage rock star ‘Natalie Followill’. Natalie came from a working class background in Newcastle and to put it in harsh words, with no pennies to rub together! With her baby face and her tiny speaking voice, who would expect a voice like that to come out of her? It’s almost like she has a removable voice box and can change it any time she likes! AMAZING! Natalie has a basic family of four which include her Mam, Dad and her older sister on the whole a normal teenage girl. Natalie was still at college sitting her A Levels, and she would have never thought that her life would take such a remarkable turn. One video on the World Wide Web made that colossal difference, and now Natalie has the standards of artists she never expected to reach. Just last year Natalie was sat at home with her family only dreaming about being a global superstar! As the dream came true we ask her now how her life has changed over the past year.
Why did you post that video on YouTube?
Well at first I thought it would just be a bit of fun, loads of my friends done it so I thought I would just give it a go. Good job I did too, who’d have thought that I would have been so successful?

You family must be very proud.
Ah, proud isn’t the word to describe it. It would be an understatement, they are happier than me!

How did you react when you got signed by ‘Roadrunner records’?
Well you don’t expect it do you? Sitting on the settee after my nanas dumplings and then my mother hands me the phone. Without a doubt it was the biggest shock of my life!

Who inspired you to go into the music industry?
Well, I never thought that I would get in the music industry; singing was just a bit of fun. I was prepared for sitting my A levels in the summer but now I don’t need to, I am so overwhelmed. But if I had to chose a famous band that inspired me it would definitely be ‘Kings of Leon’ I worship their songs.

What kind of performances did you do when you were that working class, northern girl?
Just gigs. Sometimes singing at the local community centre but rock isn’t exactly a grannies preferred music genre. I used to sing at the local pub karaoke and from then on my family started to believe I could be a massive success. Oh and in the shower, I always sing in the shower, even now.

You must be a popular girl now? Especially with your friends!
Ha-ha definitely, not that I wasn’t before (laughs). No! No! I do have much more attention now but who wouldn’t? Having a friend who was famous, I’d jump to the chance any day; I don’t blame them at all!

Are you going to go back to the classroom and do those all important A levels?
Hmmmm... Maybe I’m debating whether to or not. I think it would best to sit them as they could be useful in life. Yeah! I’ll give it a go!

Have you got any collaboration planned in the near future?
Erm... There have been talks with Biffy Clyro, but were still talking about it. It’s MAD to have Biffy Clyro on speed dial though. HA-HA!

What do you expect your future to hold for you?
Hopefully more success! I couldn’t really ask for anything more than what I have now that would just be greedy.

There are rumours of you being lined up for V Festival. Is this true?
Maybe I’m not sure if I am allowed to say... but you might see me there, who knows. That would be crazy, me on the V stage, if I even considered that last year I would continuously laugh at myself.

When is your next album planned for release?
In the summer. It’s going to be a summer album so it will be release in July/August. With any luck it will top the sales of my last album, but we can’t always have what we want, can we?

Have you decided what you are going to call the album yet?
Well... as I have immense support off the British Public I’m going to let them choose out of a list of options. So... Yeah it should be cool.

If you don’t mind me asking you are 17 years old with all that money, what are you spending it on!?
Ha-ha! Well I haven’t spent it all on myself if that’s what the public is thinking! I have recently bought my Mam and Dad a new home, we can’t have them living in that rundown council house can we, not when I have all this money in my back pocket.

Do your parents listen to your music?
Ha-Ha! Well if they do it’s only for my sake, because before my career my mam hated rock music! Give her a Michael Buble CD and she’ll be happy. As for my dad, he’s got some of my tracks in his car but, I’m sure he only pretends to listen to them!

After talking to Natalie our interviewee exclaims that she is an astonishing girl with an amazing career ahead of her. Well only the future can tell what is in store for Natalie. Will she pass them all important exams or will she mainly focus on her music career? Buy issues of ‘LOUD!’ monthly to find out exclusively what the rock sensation has been up too!   

 Well Natalie ‘Loud’ wishes you the very best of luck in your future and we hope to hear from you again soon.
Anytime and thanks for having me.  

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Photograph chosen by the target audience.

  • After asking the desired audience they have chosen this picture for my music magazine. 
  • I asked schoolfriends in the age category of 16-17 and the most votes went with this picture.  
  • It relates to the rock genre by the model wearing rock/teenage style clothes.
  • The dark colours denoted in the background also give connotations of the specific rock genre.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Front Cover Photographs

These are two of the pictures I have taken for the front cover of my magazine.

I have chosen these pictures as they are of a teenage girl therefore the teenage audience will be attracted to the magazine as they will want to read about stars of their own age.

Personally I prefer the first picture as the model is making eye contact with the audience.

However I am going to ask the desired audience what photograph they prefer as it will be them purchasing the music magazine.

Music Magazine Titles!

These are the titles for my music magazine that I have produced using photoshop. I have not yet chosen which title I am going to use because I am going to be undertaking a survey to see which of these titles the teenage audience prefer.