Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Layout of the Magazine

  • Continuity is used on the front cover as the    colours used are red, black and white.
  • Medium shot of the main band included in the magazine.
  • Layout of text is down both of the sides to make the front cover look tidy, and escapes from the messy cluttered look.
  • Names of the bands are in bold and the related stories are in regular.
  • Photograph takes up most of the front cover and you never see huge spaces.

 The layout of a magazine is hugely important throughout the magazine. The layout needs to relate to the specific audience so they buy it from shops. The readers must beleive the magazine is real, therefore we must construct the magazine so it looks like a magazine you see in the newsagents, as a result it has to require a similar layout. The magazine above is an example of a music magazine which shows the layout of a regular front cover.

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