Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Good or Bad?

<------ This photograph is an example of a bad photograph taken by the group. The picture has the reflection of the sun light on the models face, therefore you can not see her properly. The picture also cut half of the word 'Learning' out which spoils the picture as the whole point is to show off the new school facilities.

This is the photograph which I think is the best photograph which was taken by the group. The photo took a long time to take, and the photographer took her time whilst placing the models in their positions. The photo looks proffessional which is why I have chosen it as my favourite photograph. ------->

What makes a good photograph?
a good photograph first of all needs to have perfect lighting, mise-en-scene, and correct angles of the camera, therefore thought must be put into it incuding:
  • Time of day
  • Where it is taken - inside or outside
  • What shot? Close up, medium shot, long shot, high angle shot, or low angle shot.
  • Area it is taken e.g. the coast, or what relates to the genre of the magazine
  • Model - does it relate to the genre of the magazine?
  • Clothing and appearence
Photographs must be taken with thought with a lot of effort put into them to make the magazine stand out, as it is probably the item that stands out to the specific audience on the front cover.

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