Tuesday, 1 May 2012

EVALUATION - What have you learned from audience feedback?

What have you learned from audience feedback?
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Audience feedback plays a vital part in the construction of my A2 coursework. Here are some questionnaires in which influenced my decisions to change aspects of my horror trailer... 

Within my trailer I have used characters which are similar ages to my target audience. I feel this relates to McQuail, Bulmer and Katz’ theory of uses and gratifications. My audience will be looking at my media project with a sense of personal identity; therefore I feel having cast members which are a similar age to them could relate to problems which could happen in their lives. For example, the use of drugs in my horror trailer could stop young people of today from using drugs.

Today I received two emails informing me how popular my SlideShare page has become with the audience. I feel extremely happy that people around the world are downloading my slideshares and I hope that they can take something from them!

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