Sunday, 13 November 2011

Photography for Ancillary Task

Me and my fellow group member went to our horror locations and took our photograph's for our ancillary task.

Below are my preferred photographs which I will be using for my ancillary task...


I particularly like this photograph as the close up shot shows the expression in the characters eyes. It is easy for the audience to guess what the theme of the movie is as the blood connotes death. When using this photograph on Photoshop I would make it darker to represent the horror genre further.

I also like this close up photograph as the female model uses her acting skills to look dead. This gives the audience the impression it is for a horror movie therefore I think it would be suitable to use for a photograph on my poster. As they are both good photographs I have not decided on which one to use.

I am using this photograph for the front of my magazine cover. The model in the photograph looks vulnerable, however her facial expression relates to the title of the movie ‘VENGEANCE’ as she looks like she is coming back for revenge. It certainly represents the genre of horror as the stage make-up used makes the girl look as though she’s been murdered, or she has murdered some other people.


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