Thursday, 7 April 2011

Changing My Music Magazine

In order to make my music magazine look highly presentable I am going to add some new features to it. Eventhough I am adding new features to my cover, contents and feature article I am going to avoid totally changing it and only add small changes.

Ideas that i have had from my own mind and my audience research I am going to change:

Front Cover
  • Side Box on front cover
  • Add a date
  • Add some shapes to make the boxes stand out more to the audience
  • Make certain words in sentences bigger in order for them to stand out

  • Change the background of the pictures from black to red
  • Add the numbers of pages on the artists pictures
  • Change the circle shape from red to back
  • Add a plus sign to connect the stories
  • Instead of having the columns in three rows i am going to have four on each page
  • Change the square background tool to circle
  • The title will be changed so certain words are bigger to make them stand out to the desired audience
  • One of the pictures on the article will be changed
  • Add a box and text to the bottom of the third page article so that the scheme follows within the pages

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