Monday, 14 February 2011

Music Magaizne Features

Photography and Ideology
The model in my photography must look like a rock star to fit the ideology of the specific audience. I will dress my model in a rock star fashion such as black clothing to give connotations of the rock star they are. I will also include musical props which also make the magazine look more realistic and adds to the fat that it is a MUSIC magazine. The audience must believe that the magazine is real therefore I will include real life bands which they would have heard of to promote the magazine.

1. Magazine front cover – my magazine front cover will include a medium shot of the model which will be in the feature article. The front cover will have text stating what the story is about to catch the aimed readers attention. I am not yet sure on what to call my magazine but I am currently thinking about it. The price of the magazine will be included on the front page to make it clear to the audience how much they are buying it for.

2. Contents Page – the contents is most probably the most important out of the three pieces. The contents will include every detail of what is in the magazine which will be numbered so the audience will be drawn to the specific page they are looking at. As well as this it will add ideology to the magazine as real life magazines have detailed contents pages to inform their aimed audience.

3. Feature Article – the plan of my feature article is a couple of pages down where you will see that I have included two photographs within, instead of just having one huge photograph which takes up most of the article, I have two smaller photographs so I can fit more text into the article which makes sense why it is called an ‘article’. Most of the pictures will be shown on the front cover and the contents page.  The article will be about a successful teenage who was found on Youtube and how her life has had a huge turn around.

My main competition in my magazine is the music magazine ‘NME’. The price of my magazine will be competing against it and also the content of the magazine will be competing against it. the ideology of the music magazine is to MAKE the audience believe the magazine will be sold in shops therefore it needs to have competition. Other magazines that can compete against mine is ‘Kerrang!’.

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