Sunday, 16 January 2011

School Magazine

For my first task I will be producing a school magazine for Heworth Grange Comprehensive school, including a front cover and a contents page. I will be working in a group of four to take photographs for this magazine. However to produce the work, I will be working as an individual. The photographs will be of a teenage audience as my project will be aimed at pupils ranging from 11 - 18 year olds. 

For my first lesson working on the school magazine, I worked in a group to take photographs of certain models around school. The school is an appropriate place to take photographs as it is the place the magazine is based. The photographs were of a teenage student as it aims at that age category of the school magazine. 
During the second lesson working on the school magazine I continued to work on the blog to get to know how it works. I then uploaded the photographs taken in lesson one to the computer and started on my magazine front cover.

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